LatherKing and Campbell’s – Over 75 years of providing the barber and stylist industry with the only professional hot lather machine and liquid shave cream made 100% in the USA. A staple in shops throughout North America for decades, the Campbell’s LatherKing continues to provide clients an unparalleled in-chair experience with that “classic” Campbell’s fragrance. Watch for new products from the Campbell’s line soon or visit for more information.


The Latherking Lather Machine releases an instant flow of thick, hot, aerated, super wet later, all in a single-hand operation.

The brand you know and trust

Campbell's has been trusted by professionals since 1939.


The Original Hot Lather Machine created in 1939.

A better shaving experience

Imagine this scenario: One of your customers walks into your shop. He's scruffy. He's tired. He comes to you, his favorite barber, to make him feel like a million bucks again.

You, a veteran barber, know exactly what your client needs. He needs the soothing, rejuvenating power of a hot shave, the pinnacle of the men's grooming experience. Enter the LatherKing MFS Lather Machine. With its fully enclosed motor, extra large soap cup, and improved stainless steel valve, the LatherKing gives you the hot, thick, perfectly creamy lather you need to treat your clients to a VIP-level shave. That scruffy, tired customer from earlier? He feels like a new man, ready to take on the world.

Experience the shaving power of LatherKing! 

  • precisebarber.kyle

    ”Big fan of the premix lather. Instructions are simple.
    Tilt bottle upside down 7 times and the mix comes out prefect. Put it in my old school Latherking and the mix comes out 10/10.”

  • hairtwirler2005

    “I use 1 oz per gallon of water to keep my lather machine clean. Since I have been using distilled water instead of tap water my lather machine stays out of the repair shop.”

  • Larry

    "A great fresh look over the old tried and true Latherking.
    Still produces the always expected thick, hot lather and looks much better on the back counter."